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Little Discoveries Learning Centers


Miss Carol
Executive Director

Miss Carol is the Executive Director of both locations. She hold degrees in Early Childhood education and Special education. She started Little Discoveries in Bartonsville in 2005. After great success at the Bartonsville Site she opened the Stroudsburg Location in 2012.


Miss Sandy
Assistant Director/Pre-school Teacher

I am fortunate and blessed to have 23 years of experience working with children. Ever since I was younger I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I have been a part of afterschool programs, and teaching children from Pre-school through 8th grade. My background is early childhood education, psycology and special education.

Some of my favorite times with young children are watching them wonder in nature, seeing them begin to build friendships with each other, marveling at their creativity and hard work, and simply enjoying their play.


Miss Marianne
Executive Administrator

Miss Mariane has been with the Little Discoveries Learning Centers for 10 years. She is responsible for running the everyday operations of the center. She is the primary contact to help parents with any questions, issues or concerns. She takes the time to welcome each child to the center.


Miss Sarah

Miss Sarah has been with Little Discoveries Learning Centers for 4 years. Prior to her current role as an administrator Miss Sarah worked in both centers helping in all the classes.


Miss Sue
Toddler Teacher

Miss Sue has been with Little Discoveries Learning Centers for 12 years. She has spent a total of 19 years in the field of Early Childhood education. Miss Sue hold a degree in Early Childhood Education.


Miss Roni
Infants Teacher

I have been working with children for the past six years. I have been with Little Discoveries for a total of 3 years. I have worked with infants to school-aged, although the majority of my time has been with the infants .


Miss Crystal
Infants Teacher

My name is Crystal and I’ve been working with Little Discoveries for 7 1/2 years. I have worked in all the classrooms. Right now I am in the older infant room.


Miss Yvette

I have been a certified elementary school teacher for more than 20 years. This is my second year as Pre-K teacher at LIttle Discoveries. I love working with this age and enjoy preparing these children for kindergarten.


Miss Yamira

I’ve been in Early Child Education for 7 1/2 years. As a Pre-K teacher, its very rewarding helping our children on their social, emotional, and academic journeys and getting them ready for their next phase - Kindergarten! I love my job!


Miss Josefina

Hello, I’m Miss Josefina. I have a degree in elementary education, as well as being certified in Child Development. I have been working as a preschool teacher at the Little Discoveries Learning Centers for the past ten years. I love crafts and any activity that encourages children to learn through play and exploration. I look forward to enriching the minds of our future generations. Thanks to Miss Carol’s leadership we have been able to unlock the potential of our children.


Miss Tearia
Pre-school Teacher

I am a teacher in the Pre-school room at the Bartonsville location. I have worked for Little Discoveries since February 2017. Before Little Discoveries I was an assistant teacher in the two year old room at another center.


Miss Jackie
Toddler Teacher

Miss Jackie has been working with children age six weeks to thirteen years for over 8 years. She wants to be an important part of making their environment safe, stable and nurturing.


Miss Gazala
Pre-K Teacher

Miss Gazala has been coaching children from ages 3 to 13 years old for 25 years. The last 5 years of that has been with Little Discoveries Learning Centers in the Pre-school and Pre-K programs.


Miss Margie
2's Teacher

I have dedicated 27 years working with children from ages 2 to 14 years old. I previously was employed by the Boy's Club of New York for 23 years. After moving to Pennsylvania I worked for 4 years at another center before joining Miss Carol at Little Discoveries for the last 5 years.


Miss Lacey
School Age

Hi My name is Miss Lacey. I have my Masters degree in Social Work. I have been working with children for 8 years now. I work with the school age children at our Bartonsville location. I love working with this age group. Before working at Little Discoveries, I worked with children who have special needs in a traditional school setting. I am looking forward to summer camp here this year.